Scottish Dawn in Alloa

Scottish Dawn

On the 25th February 2017, Scottish Dawn activists teamed up with the Scottish Defence League (SDL) to leaflet the town of Alloa in preparation for the upcoming demonstration on March 11th. Clackmannanshire Council has recently overseen the purchase of several homes, funded by the Home Office, in the newly built housing scheme of Harbour View in Alloa for the recently arrived ‘refugees’ whilst ignoring the pleas for help from the local disabled, homeless and vulnerable population. Both groups believe strongly that this behaviour is completely unacceptable and cannot be allowed to happen under the nose of the Scottish population, and therein lies the purpose of the protest.

In the centre, we spoke with the townsfolk and discussed the issue whilst handing out the leaflets kindly provided by the SDL. We were not surprised to find that the overwhelming consensus was entirely sympathetic to our cause and viewed the actions of…

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